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 Starting this week: More contributions to the EU constitutional debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims;

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Civitas:  No benefit for UK trade from EU ‘collective clout’

Migration & UK EU referendum dominate post-summit debate

FCO:  Voting in the Referendum for UK nationals living in Sweden

Next step in mutual defence – European Defence Union, say MEPs

More from our Archives:

Something for the 2017 EU Referendum perhaps?

Options for the UK in the event of a vote to leave the EU

‘Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies’, or updated; ‘Who Monitors the media & prevents bias’?

How do you say ‘Settle Down Now’ in 20+ languages?

IEA:  New report debunks the EU jobs myth

IEA:  The key to achieving well-functioning capital markets in Europe

NIESR: UK financial services are key consideration to the ‘British Question’

NIESR launches WhatsApp-style video on the Prime Minister’s EU negotiations

Demos:  Transforming European Democracy through New Technologies

IPPR:  Cameron needs a fair and plausible approach to reforming EU migrants’ access to welfare

IPPR:  UK becoming the ‘self-employment capital’ of Western Europe

EU negotiations: Cameron can tackle EU freedom of movement without Treaty change – IPPR

Cameron should demand EU fund to ease pressures on local services - IPPR

Chatham House:  'No EU country is corruption free', says top Commission official

Civitas:  No benefit for UK trade from EU ‘collective clout’

Civitas:  High unemployment has been a chronic condition of the European Union for decades

Civitas:  European Arrest Warrant destroys 800-year-old legal protections

Civitas:  British trade has much to gain outside the EU

Civitas:  Costs of EU membership should be fully audited prior to UK renegotiation

Civitas:  Reshaping the EU: a manifesto for reform

Civitas:  Economic benefits of large-scale immigration outweighed by strains of population growth

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