Joined-up care in early years

From Thursday (October 1) the commissioning of key services, including health visitors – registered nurses or midwives who lead & deliver health services for children – and family nurses, who provide services such as intensive support for young mums, has switched to local authorities from the NHS.  For councils, this is the ‘final piece of the jigsaw' after public health responsibilities transferred to them in April 2013.

The Local Government Association, which represents over 370 councils in England & Wales and has campaigned for the 0-5 transfer, says the momentous move will ensure councils are responsible for health ‘from the cradle to the grave’. A more holistic, joined-up approach to healthcare, it will not just be about clinical care but will provide better access to a range of services, including housing, benefits, employment & leisure, which are inherently linked to healthy living.

In preparation for the transfer, councils and school nurses have been working together to co-ordinate & deliver public health interventions for school-aged children. This includes reducing childhood obesity, under-18 conception rates and the prevalence of chlamydia; and the management of mental health disorders.

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What is the cost of Ignoring Information Risk?
How to Minimise Your Organisation’s Exposure

Information Economics - The Intersection of Value, Risk and Cost

IInformation Economics is managing and leveraging information created and received by an organisation with a view to the bottom line. However, not every aspect of Information Economics can be transparently assessed in terms of cost or savings. Information risk might seem difficult to quantify economically, but avoiding information catastrophe must be a top priority as the consequences can be so severe.

This latest chapter of a 5-Part Information eBook examines the individual threats and explains how to plan a strategy to avoid disaster and get a positive Return on Information.

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Healthcare models of the future NHS

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens has recently announced radical new options for the future of local hospitals across the NHS.  The new models being developed by 13 new hospital Vanguards represent the next stage of implementing the NHS Five Year Forward View. 

Acute Care Collaboration Vanguards are designed to spread excellence in hospital services & management across multiple geographies.  By contrast, the 37 vanguards already launched mostly focus on integrating care between GPs, social & community care, mental health and hospital services within their local area.

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Without them Social Care and the NHS would collapse
NHS England recently published an End of Year Progress Summary reviewing progress made on 37 commitments made to carers in May 2014.  The Commitments to Carers were based on what carers said was important to them.  A good start has been made with 32 commitments completed and others continuing to be monitored.  But more work needs to be done on the Five Year Forward View commitment to finding new ways to support carers.
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Slavery is not something that ended 250 years ago
The PM celebrates the “unique and valuable celebration of the African-Caribbean community” for Black History Month (October 2015).
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It would be a ‘Big Vote Loser’ to do anything else
Following VW’s admission of using ‘defeat devices’ in diesel cars, the government has announced that UK taxpayers will not incur higher Vehicle Excise Duty if their existing vehicles are found to be fitted with illegal software that manipulates emissions tests.  The government has also announced it will look at whether the illegal software used by VW is being used elsewhere.

Government confirms consumers who bought vehicles in good faith will not incur additional tax costs

DVSA:  VW owners affected by emissions testing: what to do

No such thing as a free lunch
If you’re among the many who make use of free Wi-Fi services in our shops, hotels, train stations and airports, you may have noticed how different the sign-up process can be – ranging from just a simple click, to completing a lengthy form before you get online.  With so many organisations responsible for public Wi-Fi and the widely differing requests for personal information the ICO has decided to take a look at some of the Wi-Fi networks available on the UK high street. 

Information Commissioner's Office:  Be wary of public Wi-Fi

ICO issues largest ever nuisance calls fine

Charities only function properly with adequate funding
The Cabinet Office has launched its Small Charities Fundraising Training Programme.   Worth £100,000, it is seeking to appoint between 1 & 3 training providers to help charities to fundraise more effectively.  The Programme will provide expert training to small charities with an annual income of up to £1m.

Cabinet Office:  Small Charities Fundraising Training Programme launched

Deadline ‘resuscitated’ and moved back
The deadline for people to make a claim if they believe their ongoing care should have been funded by the Welsh NHS is being extended, the Welsh Government has announced.

WAG:  Extended deadline for people to claim for continuing healthcare funding

Do we want to reduce traffic in cities or not?
Bus funding needs a total overhaul in the Spending Review to protect under-threat services for the elderly, disabled & commuters, councils say.  In a major report, the Local Government Association, which represents more than 370 councils in England & Wales, calls for a package of funding reforms & less red tape, allowing councils to do more to support bus services.

LGA:  Bus funding needs a ‘total overhaul' in Spending Review, councils say

A ‘sacrifice’ that must not be forgotten
The public can now apply for tickets to attend Somme centenary commemorations in Thiepval, in France, next year.  The ballot will be open until 18 November, the day the battle ended in 1916.
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Common sense decision

Public Health England has announced legislative changes that will potentially have a significant impact on homeless services and their ability to respond to opiate overdoses.  This could not be more timely in a wider context that has seen heroin & morphine deaths rise in the UK by two-thirds in the past 2 years.

Homeless Link:  Lifesaving legislation for a faster response to opiate overdoses


 More contributions to the UK constitutional debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims;

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ScotGov:  Fiscal Commission Bill published


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With much attention on the Labour party conference last week, David Walker diverts his to George Osborne - and speculates on the kinds of policies the chancellor might be looking to pinch for this week's Tory conference. The big one could be strengthening tax collection, but Osborne would have to push his austerity agenda to one side if he were to give HMRC a financial boost.
Back in Brighton, the Labour pledge to renationalise the railways sparked Jane Dudman to speak to the public leaders concerned about private sector reach into other public services.

Labour party conference
Why Osborne may override his austerity agenda to track down missing tax

Why Osborne may override his austerity agenda to track down missing tax
Labour’s focus on uncollected tax is an idea the chancellor might well pinch at the Tory conference

Labour wants to renationalise railways, but what of other privatised services?

Labour wants to renationalise railways, but what of other privatised services?
Public leaders are more concerned about the private sector’s reach into local services

Also on the network
Police work is changing, so officers must get the recognition they deserve

Police work is changing, so officers must get the recognition they deserve
Alex Marshall: With fewer staff and new kinds of work, policing will have to become more specialised

‘I was horrified’ – the council staff campaigning to divest their pensions

‘I was horrified’ – the council staff campaigning to divest their pensions
We spoke to some of the council employees pushing for ethical investment of their pension funds

News in brief
• Labour pledged to renationalise the railways at its conference this week
• Bob Kerslake is to carry out a Treasury review for Labour
• Millions of UK public sector pensions 'exposed to risky fossil fuel investments'
• Hundreds of Jamaican prisoners held in UK jails to be repatriated
• John Healey said government could build 100,000 councils houses a year
• Prisoners' legal letters opened by prison staff, admits ombudsman
What you’re saying about ...
Police volunteers cannot be seen as a straight swap for uniformed officers

Police volunteers cannot be seen as a straight swap for uniformed officers
Theresa May wants to give police volunteers more power, a move that could risk public safety