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We have ‘known’ about the problem for decades, but little ever seems to be achieved

A Public Accounts Committee report challenges the Government to address the scale & cost of delays in discharging older patients from hospital.  The Committee's report urges new measures to tackle discharge delays, which are bad for both patients' health and the financial sustainability of the NHS & local government.

The Committee finds there is a poor understanding of the scale of discharge problems, with official data substantially under-estimating the range of delays and the number of older patients affected.


Irrespective of Brexit, the ICO has stated that ‘UK data protection reforms are "necessary" and that the data protection framework in the UK would need to accord to the standards outlined in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR will come into effect in 2018 and will change how organisations can collect, use and transfer personal data. Here, we outline the practical steps you can take to prepare for a new climate of increased regulation in 12 key areas.

Click here to access and download this helpful short guide to preparing for the GDPR.

Discharged patients then become responsibility of / burden on GPs

NHS England recently agreed new steps to implement plans to ‘strengthen general practice, ease the pressure on GPs and improve services for patients’.  The measures aim to help struggling GP practices, protect GPs from the rising cost of negligence claims and introduce new models of care that will create more joined-up services.  It follows the publications in April 2016 of The General Practice Forward View, a 5-year programme that aims to put General Practice on a sustainable footing for the future.

Showing our appreciation once per year
Following the success of this year’s national Armed Forces Day event in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, attended by 120,000 people, His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent and former PM David Cameron, Liverpool has been selected to host the next event on Saturday June 24, 2017.
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Don’t let summer celebrations leave you ‘stone cold dead’

The Marine & Coastguard Agency have just launched their new film, which targets 18 to 29 year old males with a message about the dangers of cold water shock.  The new 40-second film aims to highlight the dangers of jumping or falling into water, especially after drinking, and reveals some stark dangers.

When a Public Sector saving is just a transfer of costs to taxpayers

A Public Accounts Committee report warns that further cuts to Government spending on personal tax services could trigger another collapse in customer service.  In their report, the Committee raises concerns about plans by HMRC to cut the cost of these services by around a third in the next 5 years.

Could this be a way forward for HMRC customer service?
A new digital product, launched by the Cabinet Office, will send reminders & updates on applications & services right across government.  Officially launched last week in public Beta, GOV.UK Notify will be used for issuing updates on student loans, lasting power of attorney, passports, voter registration, and the digital marketplace for SMEs.  A further 70 service areas from across government are already now looking to use GOV.UK Notify.

Cabinet Office:  Updates on your student loan, straight to your phone

Editorial commentary: Puzzled of rUK
While English voters may now have a greater understanding of what is meant by a ‘Project Fear’ campaign thanks to George Osborne, many of us are somewhat baffled by the way the SNP is ignoring some basic facts that would seem to make Scottish independence (while maintaining EU membership benefits/ membership) a non-viable proposition, in the short term at least.

 More contributions following EU Referendum

Still a ‘hot topic’, with widely spread views, for those who put fingers to keyboard in order to ‘share their views’:

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Examples of public service failures, such as Mid Staffs, Rotherham and Doncaster, can have a disastrous impact on people's lives. At the very least, they should provide valuable lessons for other organisations to improve. Oliver Ilott from the Institute for Government says that rather than indulging in the knee-jerk reaction to appoint blame or restructure when failure happens, public bodies need to work together to champion good practice and learn from the past.

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Without a radical overhaul of transport, UK suburbs face poverty

Without a radical overhaul of transport, UK suburbs face poverty
Too many cars and poor public transport services linking outlying areas to city centres have increased poverty and social isolation in the suburbs

Whitehall chief John Manzoni's grand plans now lie shattered

Whitehall chief John Manzoni's grand plans now lie shattered
Here’s another damning NAO report on a lack of coherent planning and management, made worse as civil servants get sucked into Brexit work

My best professional experience is when someone puts on the kettle without help

My best professional experience is when someone puts on the kettle without help
Working with vulnerable people is its own reward for many support workers - but we should still be properly paid and resourced

I clean HMRC’s offices for an unfair wage. I hope our strike has embarrassed them

I clean HMRC’s offices for an unfair wage. I hope our strike has embarrassed them
The strike by HMRC cleaners has highlighted the number of people not directly employed by public bodies but who still work in public service. Wherever you work, our letter to the public series aims to give a voice to those hit by mounting cuts and rising demand. Share your story by emailing kirstie.brewer@theguardian.com

News in brief
• HMRC cleaners strike as their hours are cut
• IPCC admits errors in case against officers accused of attacking firefighter
• Counter-terror training criticised as inadequate
• Labour urged to delay mayoral vote in Manchester and Liverpool
• The Pokemon Go craze could have a positive impact on your community