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BEC London

97-99 Dean Street

Tel: +44 (0)207 734 2468
Fax: +44 (0)207 292 4920



BEC London creates interactions between brands and consumers via traditional and digital media.
We undertake a wide range of work for our clients, but the majority involves direct communication with customers – either in terms of new customer acquisition or customer development. Almost half our work is digital and that’s growing. We’re as fluent in email and online advertising as we are in direct mail and press advertising.

We don’t specialize in any one sector, but we’ve got tremendous experience in customer recruitment, loyalty programmes and improving customer profitability.

What we’re good at, and we don’t make this claim lightly, is improving response and Return on Investment. We’ve a huge amount of experience about what works and just as importantly, what doesn’t.
How do we do this? We start from understanding customers and brand strategy. Our in-house data analysts get to work on understanding customers. They look for reasons why they leave and how they might be best segmented, constantly searching for anything that might reveal a telling insight. 

Then we look at the brand positioning, values and where the brand can be taken. We try and find the points where brand and customer meet to find compelling propositions. Many brands spend too little time on proposition development as we know it is the basic proposition (and the clarity of its execution) that will determine the success of a campaign.

Once we’ve got that bit right, we strive to make the creative work exceptional. Creativity is often the only point of difference as so many products are homogenous. You’ll see we place great importance on this – our two founding partners are ‘creatives’ and you can always speak to them directly.

Whilst acknowledging the power of a single proposition, we embrace the spread of skills required to make both digital and traditional media work effectively. Our dedicated Digital Planners take invaluable lessons from both - for example, searching for the best ways to migrate customers online.
We work in whatever way best suits our client, either on one-off projects or on massive comms programmes in their entirety. We’re also accustomed to collaborating closely with our clients’ other agencies, such as media companies, traditional agencies, PR agencies and other specialists.
Once a campaign has broken we monitor progress and make recommendations based on the results. We look at messaging, media, format, timing and alternatives. After all, we’re in the business of accountability.
We’re proud to be small and perfectly formed. We are 18 strong. We are privately owned and having experienced the sluggishness of big agencies, know a lot about speed, insight and getting it right first time.

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