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Welcome to ArthurSteenHorneAdamson

What we do

Every business needs to create value and drive revenue. The more competitive the environment the harder that becomes. We are a creative consultancy that uncovers what is unique and special about an organisation and helps it to do what it does best. By creating ideas that inspire and engage with people, we help raise awareness, build relationships and deliver change. Our creativity, combined with commercial acumen, intellect and intuition delivers solutions that help our clients build strong, memorable businesses and products.

What we believe

Effective branding gives organisations a leading commercial edge – setting the stage for raising awareness, driving sales, increasing market share and developing new products. Branding is more than a name, logo and corporate identity. These elements play an important role in identifying an organisation but in isolation do little to claim territory within the competitive market.

Good branding identifies what’s special about an organisation and creates a ‘story’ to engage and inspire audiences. Positioning, a generative idea and creative strategy lie at the heart of this story and all three, as part of the brand strategy, direct every component and expression of the brand.

Our work by category

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ASHA consultancy programmes

We use the discipline of critical thinking as a tool for delivering strategic solutions to our clients. Critical thinking employs not only logic but broad intellectual criteria such as clarity, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, significance and fairness. In this approach we go through a reasoned process, incorporating passion and creativity to enable us to arrive at solutions that are not only inspiring and engaging but also practical. Click on a category below to see how this works in practice.


1. Brand Differentiation
In a market where many organisations are claiming to offer the same benefits to consumers it is becoming increasingly difficult to articulate anything credible. We work to get to the truth of what our clients offer and to distinguish between the commonplace and the unique...

2. Brand Identity
A brand identity is more than a name and a logo. An effective brand identity identifies what’s special about an organisation and creates a ‘story’ to engageand inspire audiences. Positioning, a generative idea..

3. Brand Optimisation
Many of our clients come to us when they feel they are not engaging effectively with internal or external audiences. This may be due to a brand gap, or in other words, a disconnect between what the brand stands for...

4. Corporate Identity
One of the components of a brand identity is a corporate identity which visually identifies an organisation. A typical corporate identity system will include a logotype and/or symbol...

5. Brand Integration
Brand integration programmes are required across a wide spectrum of business markets. Many of our clients come to us with a mix of opinions and understandings about their brand and the course of its future direction...

6. Brand Repair
There are a number ways a brand can be weakened or even damaged. It may be caused by a general lack of clarity around the what the brand is and does, and an associated low level of audience awareness. Alternatively, it may happen over a period of time...

7. Mergers and Acquisition branding
With every merger or acquisition comes the need to define and establish a position for the new entity - either within the wider market or within a corporation. Sometimes the organisation has already built a corporate and branding structure...

8. Brand Alignment
Sometimes our clients find themselves with the difficult task of aligning their brand with a business strategy that is evolving over a period of time. It may be that they need to appeal to a new target audience...

9. Brand Architecture
An architecture system denotes how an organisation structures various products, services or other entities within its portfolio and how they relate to one another. The architecture system may have to stretch across...

10. External Brand Engagement
Although it may be relatively easy to...

11. Internal brand engagement
A brand operates with the highest level of success when the people behind that brand believe in it withtheir heads and embody it with their hearts. Getting a workforce to understand a brand and how it can be applied through actions and behaviours...

Our past experience

The people at ASHA have a wealth of experience across the branding, advertising and marketing industries. Having worked at some of the world's leading agencies, they have come together to form a team that can service any client, no matter how big or small, with any branding, advertising,or design need. Here are just a few examples of the great work carried out by our team in
former agencies.

Meet the team




Nimbus Photography

Nimbus is a photography-training programme that teaches employees how to capture and express their organisation’s brand through photography.

After identifying how best to translate an organisation’s brand values through imagery, Nimbus then teaches employees the core principles of taking professional photographs. By guiding employees through practical application of the theory, the programme delivers a cost effective, unique, on-brand royalty free photographic library, as well as a group of internal brand ambassadors.

How does Nimbus work?



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