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Blue Thirst ltd

Unit 6 The Byre,
Parley Court Farm,
BH23 6BB

Tel: (+44) 01202 023550

Blue Thirst is an agency that improves business’s online strategy.

We make companies work more efficiently online, by improving their web, digital marketing & data to grow their business.

Our Services include:

•Digital Marketing
•Search Engine Optimisation
•Paid Search
•Media Buying
•Social Media Marketing
•Digital Project Business Planning & Proposal creation
•Digital project planning and specification creation
•Digital goal setting and performance monitoring
•Digital project management
•Digital marketing support


We work with our clients to build an actionable plan to achieve their business goals using digital channels.

Even in digital if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  At Blue Thirst all of our strategies have a recordable goal and everything we do is judged on achieving that goal.

Example eCommerce Strategy Goals:

1. Sell more Products / Services

A Cost of Sale (COS) campaign is specifically designed to maximise sales and minimise costs. These campaigns are data intensive as everything
is in a process of review and improvement.

• Sell your products online to an agreed margin (COS strategy).
• Ensure that your business is always where your customers are .
• Increase value of each customer by increasing basket values and improve return customer rates with data lead merchandising.

2. Increase Brand Knowledge and Awareness

Improving brand knowledge is important, if people know your product or service and what distinguishes you from the competition they are much
more likely to purchase or engage with your business.

• Be up to date with what is of interest to your customers and where they are online.
• Ensure that the time and effort put into social media is delivering a return.
• Coordinate partners, distributors and other geographic regions to keep consistency of your brand around the globe.

3. New Project Planning

Every new project has its own challenges whether it be ecommerce, search engine visibility, multi lingual / territory we have experience of these
types of projects and ensuring that they deliver when launched.

• Ensure you have the right technical team / agencies to delivery any new build project.
• Work with your teams to ensure that all the appropriate steps in a project are taken.
• Ensure that any new build project is completed to a specified quality.


Creating Business research is not about creating more data its about having an understanding to make the right choices.

Big data is useless without big insight, with our experience in this sector Blue Thirst creates actionable strategies from available data allowing our client’s to see the whole picture or their market place. Our extensive experience and knowledge enables Blue Thirst to benchmark our client’s performance against industry standards, allowing for informed decisions for the next step – ‘Strategy

By understanding your customers and your market place fully you have a much better chance of making the best business decisions

Example Research Goals

1. Understand your Customers

At first you don’t necessarily need to invest in large complex CRM solutions, most of the important data your business probably already owns. We can help you unlock that data and turn it into Insight you can use to make better business decisions.

• Understand who your customers are, their buying habits and their life cycle.
• Understand the profitability, value and life cycle of your customers.
• Identify how your website and digital marketing is performing and how it could be improved.

2. Understand your market

Understanding and tracking your competitor’s strategy and marketing methods allow your business to be one step ahead. Even if you are the leader in a market there are many lessons that can be learned from looking at your competition.

• Identify new customer groups.
• Develop new products or services.
• Create new potential routes to market and pricing structures.
• Monitor known competitor marketing activity.

3. Analyse where investment is needed

GAP analysis is the science of identifying where a business is and where it needs to be. With digital marketing and strategy, return on investment can be accurately calculated. By predicting the increase in profitability from any strategy change you can ensure that your budget is invested to return the most value.

• Assist in creating business cases for future investment.
• Identify new products or services.
• Identify new routes to market and pricing structures.
• ensure that your marketing strategy is complete.


We ensure that in a rapidly changing environment our clients always are utilising the most profitable technology.

We understand that openness, honesty and accountability are some of the most important traits when dealing with an outsourced agency. We are completely open about the way we plan and build all of our campaigns. We will always allow our client access to reporting, accounts and admin systems.

As the internet and online selling evolves we ensure that our clients always have the support and technology to be at their most profitable no matter what the market

Reporting & Analysis

We understand that our clients need reports and every client is given, as regularly as they require, the metrics that are important to them about their campaigns. We also know that the insight and recommendations are far more valuable, so we make sure that our reports are as valuable as possible to our clients

• Create action and insight from reporting not just numbers and data.
• Reporting metrics are specific to your business goals.
• Reporting is created at a frequency that your business needed.

Success Review

It is important that when you are very close to a project, or have been working on a long term campaigns, that there are scheduled times when you take a review of the campaign as a whole, to see if there are more effective techniques.

• Regular review ensure that the campaigns that are live are the most effective possible.
• Constant monitoring of competitors ensure your business is up to date.
• Our open and honest company policy is if we think you can deliver your target better else where we will tell you.

GAP analysis

Unless your business is static, you will constantly be updating your GAP analysis. There are always new techniques or technology to consider. A fluid evaluation of new strategies allows you to always ensure that your company balances being updated with being profitable.

• Constant evaluation if new technologies or channels which would improve the profitability of your business.
• Help building business cases for budgets or new developments.
• Assurance that your marketing is up to date and your competition is not leaving you behind.


We run and create campaigns for our clients that have an exact goal in which we can judge their performance.

We implement solutions that work with our clients’ existing platforms and are experienced with collaborating with their existing partners. We tailor our bespoke solutions to fit our clients’ needs and can completely manage projects and campaigns or just support where needed.

We build campaigns that deliver our clients goals and an acceptable cost per goal.  We have set processes that ensure we can delivery a bespoke digital campaign solution for each clients

Examples of our campaigns:

1. Increase Number and Value of Conversions

Delivering high quality traffic to a site through paid methods such as PPC, banner advertising or working closely to with your affiliates we can improve not only the number but the value of your customers.

• Deliver more traffic through search, social and display marketing.
• Affiliate programs that deliver sale to a pre agreed margin with preset rules.
• Social and Digital PR allow us to understand where there is engagement with your brand and  products, it also allows us to discover where similar or competitor brands are and you are not.

2. Repeat Customer Strategies

It costs on average five times as much to gain a new customer than it does to generate repeat custom from an existing client. We work to show your customers how important they are to your business.

• We work with you to ensure you are using your business’s customer database to its full potential.  We will build campaigns that will promote repeat sales as well as keeping their data clean and up to date.
• Target customers that have already shown interest in your site.
• Build transmit and manage emails that your customers want to receive and define segmentation for targeted and personalised communications.

3. Increase Site Efficiency

There are many reasons why a site’s conversion rate is below the market average. We can help ensure that when a new site is launched  or we can work with  an existing web presences to ensure that the changes we make provide the best return on investment.

• Ensuring that your new build project is going to be as effective as possible from day one.
• Test and implement template changes, offers & promotions, bundles and merchandising to improve profitability.
• Creating content that your customers are interested in and sell your company and its services.

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