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The Blueberry Wave

22 Thomas Street

Tel: 01285 648 181

We are The Blueberry Wave, a leading data management, data analysis and CRM consultancy.

The Blueberry Wave simplifies the complex world of customer data for clients looking for growth. With 15 years’ experience, we advise and support clients in four specialist areas: Data, Insight, Systems and Communication.

Our aim is always to build long term strategic relationships and we’ve been long term data strategists with some of the biggest brands, including Boots, Dairy Crest, Nestlé, Purina and Furniture Village.

We pride ourselves on being able to drive intelligence, understand customers and their potential and use this information to maximise your marketing investment. We also own some of the cleanest, freshest, most flexible and waste free data lists around.

We were nominated in three categories in the 2013 RAR Awards and won the Data and Direct Marketing Award. We also won an RAR in 2012 naming us CRM Agency of the Year! We value the RARs because they are awarded entirely on client recommendation.

Our Work

Simply put our work helps companies grow. Whether you’re looking to increase revenue from current customers, find new customer groups, develop new products or enter new markets, our highly experienced team can provide the insight and systems you need to succeed.

There’s no question the world of data is changing and new data sources are providing rich new opportunities to understand markets and the triggers that drive behaviours.

However, your basic needs have not changed; how do you turn data into insight? We take the holistic view, understanding your systems, data and communication needs to create an approach which works.

Every challenge is different, therefore we aim to offer bespoke solutions to meet our clients exact requirements.


Clever marketing is underpinned by knowledge, and knowledge comes from understanding your customers.

Knowledge can be gained from three places:

1. Your own information that your operational processes have collected

2. External data sources such as large data owners

3. And from asking your customers in marketing communications: website, social media and market research.

We are experts in a raft of predictive models, but first we start with proper planning.

For many clients this means starting with transactional data. What customers buy, the channels they use, how much they spend and how often

Secondly, we look at behavioural data, created from tracking and recording what they look at, where they go, and the activities they display

Thirdly, we are experts in analysing demographic and lifestyle data. That’s the information that describes who they are, life stage, affluence, household and for B2B, corporate structure, structure and what they do, like and buy outside their relationship with your brand and products

And finally we look at attitudinal data, the nirvana of the data world: what customers think, what they believe, and what they want: and their motivations for doing so

Services include

• RFM analysis
• Predictive Modelling
• Segmentation
• Mapping
• Research


After many years of sourcing data on behalf of our clients, we have now created ‘Wave Business’, to provide a better solution to any business needing data to run integrated, measurable marketing campaigns. 

‘Wave Business’ is the leading global B2B Data Solution, containing over 80 million records and bringing together the best data sources available into one single comprehensive view of the Global Business Decision Maker population.

‘Wave Business’ provides access to a product that uses the best quality data available, delivered with the flexibility that you need plus offering Profiling and Modelling solutions that are far superior to other market offerings.

Whether prospecting, lead generating, enriching, modelling or simply gaining permissions,

Services include

• Data Rental
• Scored List Selections
• Data Appending
• Profiling
• Email Broadcasting and Lead Generation


Clever, data driven marketing means getting the right message to the right person at the right time, or the three R's.

But R also stands for relevance. Your customers and prospects have the realistic expectation that you understand something about them. This needs to be reflected in how you speak to them, in what products and offers you present and in the relevance and appeal of the message tone and visuals.

We use knowledge creatively, and help you apply the knowledge you've gained from your data, right through to what gets delivered to your customer's inbox, in tray or letterbox.

We'll help you get direct mail, emails and SMS to the right target audience, with the right creative through the right channel, and look after all those little details that your advertising agency doesn't like to think about: unique reference numbers, voucher response tracking, deduplication, salutation, dynamic content, data permissions and unsubscribes and broadcast set-up: we sort out the mechanics so it actually works!

Services include

• Planning
• Creative
• Campaign implementation


The Blueberry Wave can take your data from all the different systems along with all your operational complications and create a Single Customer View; clarity on your customers enables simple straightforward communications, reporting and KPI tracking.

We build and manage marketing databases to ensure they are fully integrated with accessible campaign management to completely automate marketing.

Our hosted solutions are fully managed by The Blueberry Wave's own development and management teams. We build solutions using a range of in-house specialist software and best of breed commercial tools to maintain open standards with the maximum compatibility to the systems used by our clients and their agencies.

Our solutions and services range from the simple auditing and enhancement of name and address data; UK, International, B2C and B2B through to fully integrated, fully managed single customer view solutions with complete end to end cloud based marketing and campaign management, execution and reporting functionality - All driven by the client from their own desk or fully managed by us.

Services include:

• Consumer, Business Name and Address Processing
• Single Customer View Development
• Marketing Productivity Software
• On-line KPI Dashboard Reporting
• Digital Marketing

Our Clients

We work with some of the biggest names around, from Nestlé and Boots to Dairy Crest, Purina, Regus and Nescafé.  Many of these are relationships going back a number of years and this is testimony to our ability to create long term value from our clients’ data.

But don’t just take our word for it...


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