National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
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NICE Fellows and Scholars Programme

NICE is a on the lookout for inspirational health and social care experts to act as ambassadors for high quality, evidence-based care.

Applications to NICE’s (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) prestigious Fellows and Scholars Programme are open.

Both NICE Fellowships and NICE Scholarships are opportunities for health and social care professionals working across the UK to learn more about NICE.

They offer the chance to get involved in the work NICE does, and they support networking with like-minded advocates of evidence-based practice.

What is a NICE Fellowship?

A NICE Fellowship is an opportunity for experienced leaders within the field of health and social care to become ambassadors for NICE at regional and national levels.

Fellowships are a three-year commitment. They offer the opportunity to work closely with NICE, to help us promote high quality care and develop new ways of working across the health and social care sector.

What's involved?

As a NICE Fellow you will:

• help to raise awareness of NICE by acting as a regional and national ambassador for NICE
• support and maintain the connection between NICE and health and social care experts
• gain access to the expertise available within NICE through a series of workshops
• engage with senior members of NICE staff
• help NICE to improve and promote the quality of health and social care
• assist NICE in developing new ways of working within the health and social care sector.

How does it work?

Each NICE Fellow is assigned a mentor who will support them through the programme.

Workshops exploring how NICE works help to increase understanding of our methodologies and all fellows are given access to NICE staff expertise.

On average, NICE Fellows devotes approximately 7.5 hours per month to their fellowship activities.

NICE Fellowships are unpaid, however reasonable expenses(e.g. travel, accommodation) incurred can be covered.

Is it for me?

NICE Fellowships are suited to roles such as:

• medical and clinical directors
• directors of nursing
• heads of midwifery
• directors of finance
• heads of services for the allied health professions
• directors/heads of adults and children’s services
• directors of provider services in social care

This year NICE is also looking for applications from lay members on NICE’s committees or from influential individuals working in the charitable and voluntary sector.

There are ten NICE Fellowships available.

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