RoSPA supports West Midlands Police's new cycling initiative

16 Sep 2016 12:06 PM

RoSPA statement on West Midlands Police's launch of a new cycling initiative:

Nick Lloyd, RoSPA road safety manager, said: “We fully support West Midlands Police’s new campaign to tackle those motorists who pass too close to cyclists.

“Ideally cyclists would not need to mingle with traffic on the roads, and a lot is being invested in road infrastructure to make this a reality, but until this happens we need to make sure we are educating about the risks and enforcing the law.

“The vast majority of motorists who pass too close to cyclists have either made a genuine mistake or will not know how much room to give, so educating them on this is important.

“But there is a small minority who have a disregard for vulnerable road users – this is where enforcement must be used.

“If you are a motorist ensure that you give cyclists as much room as you would when overtaking a car, and expect the unexpected, such as cyclists manoeuvring to avoid hazards.

“We want everyone to share the road safely, and so we also urge cyclists to adhere to the rules of the road.”

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