Business and Other Briefings

CLG: The government is to increase its infrastructure investment in enterprise zones by £100m. 13 enterprise zones have been green lighted to receive the new money for 18 projects to build service roads, car parking & other infrastructure, transforming ‘shovel ready sites into job ready sites’.
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STFC: The Science and Technology Facilities Council has signed an agreement with NVIDIA, the world leader in visual & high-performance computing, to develop GPU-based supercomputers that aim to be a thousand times more powerful than any in the UK today.  

These powerful computers will provide a step-change for researchers and industry in areas such as climate modelling, stress analysis, materials modelling, molecular modelling, and numerical weather simulation.
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CO: The Cabinet Office has published an SME friendliness tool to help government departments engage with SMEs. The overall purpose of this tool is to change how government procures: so that SMEs make up a bigger proportion of the businesses helping government to achieve sustainable outcomes – See ‘Guidance Notes & Best Practice Guides’ section for more information
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