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DCMS: A nationwide campaign which aims to use the inspirational power of the Olympic & Paralympic Games to motivate the British public to give time in their communities was unveiled last week. The 25th Hour campaign, which is separate to the official London a2012 Volunteer programme, is based on the idea that we can all find the extra hour and more to make a difference.
The 25th Hour will also celebrate the outstanding contributions of exceptional time givers with a range of rewards, including 2,012 pairs of tickets to a unique ‘money can’t buy moment’ – the chance to see the dress rehearsal of the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.
Because the 25th Hour is a national movement, the campaign will use one day every year to celebrate our achievements together.  In October, when the clocks go back and we are all given a real 25th Hour, there will be a national celebration of giving time.
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CO: The Government, together with Business in the Community, has embarked on a campaign to encourage more companies to give staff time off to undertake public duties.  

The new employer information pack helps employers understand the benefits of volunteering for civic roles, what is involved if their staff volunteer and how it can help their businesses.  Case studies on how it has worked for others and information on next steps are also included.
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Reduced financial uncertainty for customers and significant financial savings for Councils.