Charity and Voluntary Sector

CO: The Cabinet Office and Nesta have announced the second round of the £10m Innovation in Giving Fund, which aims to find & back innovative ideas for increasing levels of volunteering and charitable giving. 

Over the next year, Nesta will support a group of medium & large charities with national reach to increase their impact through adopting & integrating innovations that support their mission.   Approximately 10 charities will be selected to receive a share of £1.5m.  

A second call for more game-changing ideas will be announced in May 2012.
Press release ~ Innovation in Giving Fund
DUK: A new report published in the journal Diabetic Medicine has projected that the NHS’s annual spending on diabetes in the UK will increase from £9.8bn to £16.9bn over the next 25 years, a rise that means the NHS would be spending 17% of its entire budget on the condition.
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BHF: The British Heart Foundation’s senior cardiac nurse, Doireann Maddock, talks through what sort of treatment, care & support is available after a heart attack. Having a heart attack is a scary experience but thankfully more and more people now survive them thanks to advances in the way we diagnose and treat heart problems.
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VSOVSO are holding an event on 29 May 2012 to recruit future volunteers.
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COVID-19 Response: Navigating the Pandemic in Government