ScotGov: Proposals to safeguard rural schools and for better consultation before all proposed closures were announced last week by Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop as she launched a consultation (closes 19 September 2008) on a ‘Safeguarding Rural Schools’ Bill seeking the views of parents, young people, teachers and other interested groups.
There are around 1,000 schools in rural areas (as defined by the Scottish Government's Urban/Rural Classification).  This means 41% of primary schools and 23% of secondary schools are rural schools, using this classification.
Press release ~ Safeguarding our rural schools and improving school consultation procedures: proposals for changes to legislation ~ BBC News - School closure rates 'alarming' ~ Schools Out On Rural Plans (from The Herald)
Acas: Acas has issued a revised code of practice on discipline and grievance for public consultation (closes on 25 July 2008).  The revised code is considerably shorter than the existing code and provides basic practical guidance to employers, employees & their representatives and sets out principles for handling disciplinary & grievance situations in the workplace.
The code has been revised to take into account the changes being made to workplace dispute resolution by the Employment Bill, particularly the removal of the statutory dismissal & discipline procedures.
Press release ~ Acas revised discipline and grievance code ~ Employment Bill 2007-2008 - BERR~ Michael Gibbons review
ScotGov: Views on how to spend almost £45m on the Scottish fishing industry are being sought by the Scottish Government (consultation closes 27June 2008). The new European Fisheries Fund is designed to:
* modernise fishing boats to make fishing practices more sustainable
* promote sustainable economic development in coastal communities
* improve the international competitiveness of the fishing industry
Press release ~ Draft UK Operational Programme: European Fisheries Fund