EU News: One of the lessons of the financial crisis is that corporate governance, until now usually based on self-regulation, was not as effective as it could have been.  The European Commission has launched recently a public consultation (closes on 22 July 2011) that addresses the ways in which corporate governance of European companies can be improved.
Corporate governance is traditionally defined as the system by which companies are managed & controlled.  The consultation covers a number of issues such as how to improve the diversity & functioning of the boards of directors and the monitoring & enforcement of existing national corporate governance codes, and how to enhance the engagement of shareholders.
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FSA: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) and HM Treasury (HMT) have published a joint review of the UK’s covered bond regulation. The review proposes a number of measures to build on the UK’s existing strong covered bond regime.  

These will make sure UK covered bonds are readily comparable to those from other countries and can compete on level playing field.  The review highlights the quality of the UK regime and will increase the appeal of UK covered bonds to investors. Review closes1 July 2011.
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STFC: The Science and Technology Facilities Council’swebsite is changing later this year and they want you to share your views with them in their annual website survey.
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