EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc.

MoJ: Proposals which the government claims will better protect UK businesses trading in Europe have been agreed by Ministers. The Government undertook a consultation on whether to opt-in to Rome I Regulation - which provides clarity over which law applies if a dispute arises over a contract made between people or businesses from different countries, allowing cross border-trade to continue with confidence.  The overwhelming response to the consultation was ‘yes’.
When the European Commission first announced the proposals in 2005, the UK Government took the unusual step of opting out of the proposals, as they would not have been in the interests of UK businesses.  However, following intense negotiations, a substantially revised & improved version has now been agreed and the Regulation is now likely to come into force on 17 December 2009.
Press release ~ BERR – Rome Convention ~ Cross Border Jurisdiction FAQs ~ Rome
Defra: The Community Emissions Trading Scheme (Allocation of Allowances) Scheme ("The Scheme") setting out the conduct & terms of allocation of allowances in the UK's auctions in Phase II of the EU ETS has been published by HM Treasury.
The Scheme sits below the Regulations governing auctions and sets out the conduct & terms of allocation, along with the detailed design of the auctions, and the requirements in order to participate. The government aims to hold the first auction before the end of the year with confirmation of the date at least two months in advance.
Press release ~ The Community Emissions Trading Scheme (Allocation of Allowances for Payment) Regulations 2008 ~ Defra – Emissions trading
WAG: Fruit and vegetable producers in Wales will, from 2010, be eligible to apply for Single Payment Scheme (SPS) entitlement for the first time.  Potential claimants will need to satisfy eligibility requirements as well as meeting the CAP cross compliance standards including keeping land in good environmental and agricultural condition.

The direct payments to fruit and vegetable producers will at the average level per hectare of the SPS in Wales and will be based on production hectarage in 2007.  Applications will need to be lodged in May 2010 with payments due from the following December.
Press release ~ WAG - Single Payment Scheme (SPS) ~ Farming, food and countryside – Building a secure future: consultation (closes on 8 September 2008)
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