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Socitm: With cuts in public sector spending looming, the message of Learning from Better connected 2009, a new briefing based on research published in Socitm’s annual report on council websites, is that customer self-service must move sharply up the agenda if councils are to meet future demand for services against a background of static or falling budgets.  
This advice is based on the fact that self-service is considerably cheaper for the council.  However, the briefing highlights the fact that failure rates for council web enquiries are high, running, even in the more web-savvy councils, at between 10% & 40%t.
That means that many web enquiries simply reappear at the council as more costly phone or face to face enquiries, so that the web ends up being a source of wasteful ‘avoidable contact’ rather than what it should be, which is a means of reduced ‘cost-to-serve’.
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