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ACE: Book now for the Stories of the World Conference which showcases the largest youth participation project ever carried out by museums.  The event takes place on 9 November 2011 at Leeds City MuseumStories of the World involves over 60 museums across the country, working with over 2,000 young curators to explore their collections and develop exciting exhibitions & events for summer 2012.
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ESRC: Vampires on the True Blood television series are already enjoying the advantages of synthetic blood. While this may seem to be only the imagination on the big screen, the true benefits of blood manufactured from embryonic stem cells may be less than a decade away.
It is unclear however whether society can develop an acceptance of cultured blood - or an appetite for synthetic meat produced by related technology.   For this reason it is vital the public has every opportunity to get involved with the latest developments in stem cell research, say researchers from the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Genomics Network.
So why not attend Vampires and vegetarianism in the 21st century on 1 November 2001Clips from the hugely popular TV show as well as the Twilight book & film series will provide a starting point for debate on recent biotechnological developments, notably stem cell research, at this public event organised as part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science 2011.  The discussion will range from Twilight’s ‘vegetarian vampires’ to the possibilities of synthetic in vitro meat.
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ACE: Calling all performance artists! Applications have now opened for Escalator East to Edinburgh 2012; an award-winning talent development programme for performers in the East of England. As well as financial support through lottery-funded Grants for the arts, participants get help with PR, marketing, show promotion & building networks.  The application deadline is 21 November 2011 at 12 noon.
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NE: A series of Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) workshops for farmers are being held across the South West this autumn as part of the Soils for Profit Project. The FREE sessions are designed to help farmers & land managers comply with Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations (2008), including the requirement to put in place adequate slurry storage provision in place by 1 January 2012.
Each workshop will be delivered by experts to a small group of farmers and will provide practical advice on a variety of topics including calculating nitrogen values; advice on storing organic manures and how, when and where to apply fertilizer and organic manure. Over 30 NVZ workshops are planned across the region between October and December with follow-up support provided after each event via a dedicated helpline.
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