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DCMS: The long-awaited transformation of the Stonehenge landscape is ‘finally within grasp’, John Penrose, Minister for Tourism & Heritage said last week, as government support was announced, putting the project back on track. The plans will improve infrastructure and remove the current disfiguring visitor facilities from the vicinity of the stones.
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FSASainsbury’s has withdrawn its Freefrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding with a 'best before' date of 13 April 2011, because the product contains low levels of milk protein.  Milk is not an intended ingredient and this makes the product a possible health risk for anyone who is allergic to or intolerant of milk. The Food Standards Agency has issued an Allergy Alert.
Press release ~ Sainsburys withdraws one date code of Sainsbury's Freefrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding due to the presence of milk protein (casein)
STFC: Scientists are making progress in their quest to find an improved antibiotic for a strain of meningitis that results in over half a million deaths a year worldwide.  The fungal disease Cryptococcal Meningitis is especially rife in AIDS patients and there are fears that if new drugs cannot be found, it could become untreatable.
The results are published in one of the most respected journals in the field of membrane biology - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Biomembranes.  Further experiments will be carried out at STFC’s ISIS neutron source this week (scheduled for 4 and 5 April 2011).
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DECC: The new mandatory ‘Warm Home Discount’ scheme worth up to £1.1bn over 4 years has come in to force.  Under the new scheme pensioners on Pension Credit Guarantee Credit only will automatically receive annual rebates of at least £120 off their electricity bills, with some support available for other groups too.

The scheme is projected to help around 2m households per year, with the majority of the rebates delivered by energy suppliers in the winter months.  The Warm Home Discount replaces the previous voluntary agreement with energy suppliers which ended in March this year.
Press release ~ Consultation (closed) on the Warm Home Discount