General Reports and Other Publications

Newswire - WWF-UK: Britain’s rivers are under serious threat.  Many are below their usual levels for the time of year and the need to conserve our rivers & reduce water demand has never been stronger. 
With climate change, population growth and the demand for housing set to have significant impacts on river flows the future does not look bright for many of England’s best loved rivers.
Last week, conservation organisation WWF-UK launched Riverside Tales, a new report that looks at the worrying future for some of the UK’s unique chalk streams. It warns of immediate threats to wildlife such as water voles, otters, salmon & kingfishers caused by taking too much water from these waterways.  It calls for a consistent approach to making sure water use is within sustainable limits.
Press release ~ Riverside tales ~ WWF-UK
TS – Unicef: UNICEF & partners issue call for action for water, sanitation & hygiene in schools. In 60 countries in the developing world, more than half of primary schools have no adequate water facilities and nearly two thirds lack adequate sanitation, according to a report by UNICEF and partners, released at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development (DIHAD).
The report, Raising Clean Hands: Advancing Learning, Health and Participation through WASH in Schools, is a call to action for policymakers, school administrators, communities & parents to make sure that all children go to a school with child-friendly water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.
Press release ~ Raising Clean Hands: Advancing Learning, Health and Participation through WASH in Schools ~ Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development (DIHAD

Newswire – CfPS: The Centre for Public Scrutiny has published ‘Accountability Works!’, which discusses the future of accountability in the public sector and highlights the need for robust local accountability arrangements to go alongside a reduction in central regulation & inspection.
Some of the resources saved from a reduction in central bureaucracy & regulation must be passed to localities to resource governance and accountability systems & processes effectively, the CfPS argues. ‘Accountability Works!’ identifies the many different forms of accountability and introduces the concept of a ‘web of accountability’ which supports a more collaborative approach to delivering local services and is a vital counterpoint to new service delivery models such as Total Place
Press release ~ Accountability Works! ~ Total Place
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