General Reports and Other Publications

IEA - Poorest hit hardest by consumption taxes, new research shows

CIPD:  Employers adopt flexible approach to working patterns in effort to reduce absence levels
Key Statistics and Quick Statistics for local authorities in the United Kingdom

Tax-free childcare: 900,000 working poor families will miss out on crucial help with bills

Revalidation progressing well but challenges ahead

Public Accounts Committee publishes report on BBC Salford

Children on free school meals are being failed in Northumberland

Give universities bigger role in growing economy: Witty – (CBI comments on Witty review of universities & growth)

Persistent pupil absence falls by a third

Sort out dog’s breakfast of London Assembly role and powers

How higher education in England works – (CBI comments on Universities UK higher education report - Employers champion part-time study in higher education)

Councils’ use of bed & breakfast accommodation failing young people & families, says Ombudsman

Public Accounts Committee publishes report on BBC Salford

Thousands more pupils studying rigorous subjects

Report on the FCO's human rights work in 2012 published – (FCO responds to Foreign Affairs Committee’s report into the departments human rights work)

Government should carefully monitor impact of housing benefit changes

Crime in England and Wales, Year Ending June 2013 – (PCCs welcome drop in crime but call for more support for victims of sexual offences)

 Britain needs a pay rise to tackle child poverty and improve social mobility

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