General Reports and Other Publications

DfT: The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has published a report following the completion of their investigation into the structural failure of the hull of the MSC Napoli.  The MAIB found that the failure to the hull in the region of the ship's engine room was due to the vessel's design rather than her material condition or construction.
The MAIB concluded that this, along with the ship's speed and her loading, had caused the vessel to break her back as she headed directly into high seas.  It has therefore recommended a review of the technical rules used in container ship design.
As part of the on-going investigation the MAIB identified that container ships of similar design could potentially have the same design flaw and have identified that out of 1,500 vessels screened, 12 require work to bring them up to acceptable safety standards.
Press release ~ Marine Accidents Investigation Branch ~ MSC Napoli report
LSN:  A staff survey of further education colleges in England (commissioned by the University and College Union (UCU) and delivered by LSN) has gathered responses from over 3,000 FE staff regarding job satisfaction.
The report outlines the key findings of the research – representing a collective voice of the FE workforce, voicing their thoughts and the concerns & issues they face in the sector today.
Press release ~ FE Colleges: the frontline under pressure? A staff survey of further education colleges in England
ScotGov: Inverness is regularly one of the most overcrowded prisons in Scotland, and from time to time prisoners have to sleep on mattresses on the floors of cells according to HM Chief Inspector of Prisons.  Dr Andrew McLellan's latest report follows a full, unannounced inspection last November.
Findings include:
* There are sometimes three prisoners sharing a cell
* It is not possible for the prison to provide decent living conditions when it is required to hold so many prisoners
* Very few prisoners have any useful work to do
* The visits room is poor; booking arrangements are patchy; there is very little information for visitors
* The prison is safe; relationships are good; anti suicide measures are good; there are few drugs; and there is no obvious evidence of bullying
* The food is amongst the best in the SPS, the prisoners' shop is very good, as are the laundry arrangements
Press release ~ Report ~ HM Inspectorate of Prisons
Defra: A review of the British Wool Marketing Board has concluded that the Board continues to provide an effective mechanism for the marketing of wool in the UK.  The review was commissioned jointly by Defra, the Scottish Government, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland, and the Welsh Assembly Government.  The report's conclusions & recommendations have been endorsed by Ministers from all four administrations.
The BWMB was established in 1950 and it is the last remaining Marketing Board covered by the Agricultural Marketing Act 1958, operating a statutory monopoly on the marketing of the majority of UK fleece wool. It arranges the collection, storage, grading and the sale at auction of this fleece wool.
Press release ~ Review report ~ British Wool Marketing Board ~ Confederation of British Wool Textiles ~ Welcome to British Breeds Yarns
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