General Reports and Other Publications

TDA: Research, published by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), finds that 90% of pupils think it is a good idea to have access to extended services in and around their schools; and 61% of pupils would like input in planning extended school services with their student council.
The TDA has announced that 8,000 schools are now offering access to the full 'core offer' of extended services - 2,000 more than the government target for Autumn 2007.  Some 72% of schools in England are already offering some extended provision.
A varied menu of activities is one aspect of the full 'core offer' that the government expects all schools to provide access to this by 2010.  The other core offer elements are: 8am - 6pm childcare in primary schools; parenting support including family learning; community access to school facilities, such as sports spaces and IT suites; and early intervention & support, leading to swift and easy access to specialist services for pupils that need it.
Working in conjunction with 150 schools, the TDA has developed a School Improvement Planning Framework that will enable schools to put the child at the centre of their school improvement planning process.
Press release ~ Research report ~ School Improvement Planning Framework ~ Teachernet - Extended Schools ~ Extended services in and around schools - ContinYou ~ Extended Services : 4Children (formerly Kids' Club Network)
MoJ: Research published by Ministry of Justice reveals that less than one in four consumers have heard of either Before the Event (BTE) or After the Event (ATE) legal expenses insurance, which provides the policyholder with the cost for legal fees in the event that they become involved in litigation.  It is a relatively inexpensive mechanism for resolving a range of problems and legal disputes.
The research report produced by FWD reveals that there is a considerable lack of information about the product both in the public domain in general and at the point of sale.  Awareness among lower socio-economic groups (C2DE) is particularly low even though this group appears to be more likely to need to use a BTE product. However, around 28m adults currently owning the product (mostly as an add on to another insurance policy). 
The report recommends a number of steps that insurance industry bodies and consumer's groups- such as the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and Association of British Insurers (ABI) - should take forward.
Press release ~ 'The Market for BTE Legal Expenses Insurance: A research report for the Ministry of Justice' ~ Financial Ombudsman - legal expenses insurance
Sport England: The latest Taking Part Children's Survey is now available via Sport England’s website.  
The survey was commissioned by the DCMS and their partners (including Sport England) to collect data about engagement and non-engagement in culture, leisure and sport.
Press release ~ DCMS - taking part survey ~ Sport England - Research

ScotGov: A DVD promoting the work of the Tripartite Working Group (TWG), which encourages greater collaboration between wild and farmed fish industries, has gone goes live on a new website. Fresh water angling tourism attracts visitors from across the world and is worth £100m per year, whilst the farmed fish/salmon industry, generates £350m per year to Scotland and accounts for 40% of food exports.
Press release ~ Tripartite Working Group (TWG) ~ TWG video ~ ScotGov - Fisheries
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