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DfT: New guidance will sit alongside new stringent pre-registration checks coming into force on 1 June 2008 to make sure stretched limousines with more than 8 passenger seats meet GB safety & environmental standards.
The new pre-registration safety inspection will ensure that new larger limousines comply with GB construction standards.  Only vehicles that meet strict requirements on weights, dimensions, turning circle, seating, brakes, tyres, doors, lamps and reflectors and glazing will be able to pass the inspection.
The publication of the guidance comes as the Government tightens the law around Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licensing.  From now on, owners of vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats - including limousines - which were previously considered exempt from PHV licensing under the ‘contract exemption’ must be licensed as a PHV.
Press release ~ DfT - Guidance for operators of stretch limousines ~ DfT - Road Safety Act 2006: Private Hire Vehicles - Guidance Note
SGC: A useful tool for all those interested in sentencing has been published by the Sentencing Guidelines Secretariat.  The 8th edition of the Sentencing Guidelines newsletter provides practitioners with detailed information about sentences for all ranges of offences down to local court or youth offending team level.
Press release ~ The Sentence (8th edition)

DH: New guidance to encourage the NHS to work jointly with the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient care has been welcomed by health minister Dawn Primarolo. The Department of Health guidance will give advice on how, for example, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), pharmaceutical companies and clinicians can work together to identify particular medical needs in a community.
The guidance is intended to:
* encourage NHS organisations & staff to work together to deliver high-quality healthcare
* inform & advise NHS staff of their main responsibilities when working together with the industry
Press release ~ Guidance on Joint Working between the NHS and pharmaceutical industry ~ Long-Term Leadership Strategy for medicines ~ Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Products Agency ~ Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness Task Force (PICTF)
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