Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

HSE: The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and the Institute of Directors (IoD) have published 'Leading health and safety at work' - a practical, common sense health and safety guideline, which will remind Directors across organisations of all sizes it is their responsibility to lead on health & safety and establish polices & practices that make it an integral part of their culture and values.
The guidance is written 'by directors for directors' and offers them straightforward practical advice on how to; Plan, Deliver, Monitor and Review, health and safety in the workplace.
Press release ~ 'Leading health and safety at work' ~ Welsh version ~ Health and Safety Commission (HSC) ~ Institute of Directors (IoD) ~ Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
ScotGov: A new Standard for Childhood Practice has been launched, giving professional recognition to nursery and childcare workers. Developed by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), the Standard will help build an integrated qualification and professional development framework for early years and childcare workers in Scotland.

It sets the standards required for a new award that is expected to be rolled out by universities, colleges and training providers in autumn 2008.
Press release ~ Standard for Childhood Practice ~ Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) ~ National Review of The Early Years and Childcare Workforce ~ Scottish Executive response to review
DH: A new set of benchmarks, in the Essence of Care series, which will help nurses and other health and social care staff improve the care environment - such as the hospital ward, a patient's bed, or a GP practice – has been launched by Chief Nursing Officer, Christine Beasley.
The new benchmarks, focuses on important aspects of the care environment - such as ease of access, how well maintained it is, cleanliness & tidiness, personal space, visible precautions for controlling infection, as well as the culture of wards and clinical areas.  The 'red tray' scheme which highlights those patients who need special help with diet and nutrition was a idea generated by nurses using the Essence of Care system.
The Healthcare Commission is incorporating the Essence of Care into its own monitoring of NHS trusts.
Press release ~ Essence of care: benchmarks for the care environment ~ Essence of Care programme ~ Red Tray scheme
DH: The NHS has now received guidance on what a deep clean might entail, although the details of a deep clean will be finalised locally.  SHA estates and facilities advisors can help PCTs and SHAs to commission deep cleans that meet the needs of the site and deliver tangible outcomes by year-end.
In some instances it may be more appropriate to replace items that cannot be satisfactorily cleaned, or to replace damaged finishes to make subsequent cleaning easier.  
Press release ~ Letter giving guidance on deep cleaning ~ Clean-safe-care.nhs ~ NHS Infection Control Training Programme ~ Infection control links ~ DH cleaner hospitals website ~ Clean Hospitals website ~ Hospital Infection Society
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