Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

MLA: The Get It Loud In Libraries (GILIL) toolkit, sponsored by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and produced by Lancashire Libraries, sets out the nuts & bolts of GILIL, a project that stages live rock & pop gigs among the bookshelves.  Over the last 4 years GILIL has welcomed over 3,500 new users through library doors with acts including recent Mercury Music Prize winner Speech Debelle, Florence and the Machine, Adele, the Wombats and Mr Hudson.
A step-by-step guide to staging live music events for young people in public libraries is now available to library services across the country.  The aim has been to encourage young people into libraries who may have lost the library habit, or never had it to begin with and re-set their perceptions about what libraries do and what they stand for.
Press release ~ The toolkit ~ MLA ~ Online Information 2009 conference
BIS/PCS: Employers, unions & the government have joined forces to promote new guidance on preventing harassment & violence in the workplace.  The guidance, which follows a Europe-wide agreement between employers’ organisations & unions, aims to give practical help & support to firms and their employees.
A related recent PCS union press release announced that ‘1 in 4 (26.4%) civil servants working in Wales have been bullied at work and 44% experience negative behaviour on at least a weekly basis according to an independent survey by the Glamorgan Business School's Centre for Research on Workplace Behaviours (CRWB) for the PCS union’.  

The survey also found that in the main bullying is top down and that less than 10% of those bullied are satisfied with the way the matter was dealt with by their employer.
 BIS press release ~ Preventing Workplace Harassment and Violence – joint guidance implementing a European social partner agreement ~ Advice leaflet - Bullying and harassment at work: Guidance for employees ~ Acas: Bullying and harassment ~ CIPD: Bullying and harassment ~ PCS related press release
OGC: The Office of Government Commerce is calling upon public sector organisations to strive for greater value for money from spend on temporary staff to help deliver real, cashable savings.  

A new guide, Demand Management in 9 steps, sets out a simple suite of measures that can be applied by public sector managers to get greater value for money when considering how to best organise their external human resource requirements.
The new guide shows how demand management can offer extensive savings over the long & short-term.  It also offers other benefits, when taking on temporary staff, such as improved business performance, a sustainable workforce and retention of skills & knowledge.
Press release ~ OGC: Demand management ~ OGC: Managing Demand for Professional Services ~ Operational Efficiency Programme (OEP) ~ OGC: Demand Management Process ~ For a copy of Demand Management in 9 steps - Tel: 0845 000 4999 or email
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