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DH: The NHS could save £ms and provide better care by involving more Allied Health Professionals such as podiatrists in patient care. There are almost 5,000 leg, foot or toe amputations in England every year – each one costs the NHS around £65,000.  Investing in providing integrated foot care and bringing this number down could save the NHS almost £300m.
A new series of online tools, launched last week, will help the NHS identify how therapists can intervene at different stages of a patient’s condition to improve patient care whilst saving on costs.
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NAO: The National Audit Office has published a report on central government’s use of the Government Procurement Card to pay for goods & services. The report finds that used appropriately, the Government Procurement Card can be a cost-effective way for government to procure goods & services.
However, while controls in 5 departments examined by the NAO were operating as intended, there is no up to date value-for-money case quantifying the benefits of the cards.  There has also been a lack of clear central guidance on when the cards are the most appropriate way to procure goods and services.
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NICE: The official NICE Guidance app is available to download now for users of Android and iPhone smartphones. The FREE app allows quick & easy access to all of NICE's recommendations & advice, and has been developed in response to demand from users of NICE guidance.
More than 760 pieces of NICE guidance are contained, such as clinical guidelines on COPD, hypertension & stroke, and the app is automatically updated whenever access to the internet is available. While the app can be downloaded for the iPad, it is not currently optimised for it, so iPad users wishing to access NICE guidance should access our Pathways instead.
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ScotGov: The delivery of Scottish studies in schools will become a reality following the launch of a key online resource for teachers & pupils. Education Scotland has created a ‘one stop shop’ with Study Scotland hosting materials on history, arts & culture, to ensure learning about Scotland is an integral part of learning for Press release & links
OFT: The OFT has published revised guidance on the standards it expects from businesses offering debt management advice or credit repair services to consumers. The guidance expands on previous versions, providing examples of 'unfair or improper practices' which, if engaged in, could render a business unfit to hold a consumer credit licence and operate in the market.
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