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NICE: The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the National Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Supportive Care (NCC NSC) have issued guidance to the NHS in England & Wales on preventing hypothermia in patients before, during and up to 24 hours after surgery (known as perioperative hypothermia).

Hypothermia – defined as a core body temperature of less than 36°C - is a recognised and common occurrence during surgery, with estimates suggesting that up to 70% of unwarmed patients may be hypothermic on admission to the recovery room.
Patients who develop perioperative hypothermia can experience a number of complications, including a greater chance of heart problems, higher rates of infection and increased blood loss.  Patients experiencing perioperative hypothermia may need a longer stay in hospital.
Press release ~ Perioperative hypothermia (inadvertent) Guidance ~ National Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Supportive Care (NCC NSC)
SESport England has announced that Sports coach UK has unveiled the industry blueprint to create a world-leading coaching system in the UK by 2016. The vision outlined in the UK Coaching Framework is to create a cohesive, ethical, inclusive and valued coaching system where skilled coaches support children, adults, players and athletes at all stages of their development in sport, and that is world-leading by 2016.

The objective is to help coaches play a key role in increasing sport participation, improving sporting performances and in building a clear career structure for coaches within a professionally regulated vocation. In the document disabled people are included in all references to children, players, athletes and participants.  Where specific actions relate to disabled people or their coaches only, the term disabled people will be employed.
Press release ~ UK Coaching Framework - summary ~ Sports coach UK ~ UK Sport ~ Skills Active ~ Youth Sport Trust
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