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MoJ: The government has announced what they claim are ‘tougher offences to tackle crime and strong, new measures to cut re-offending’ in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill.
Home Office Minister Baroness Scotland said:
"Measures in this bill make good the Government's commitment to change the law to deny leave to remain to foreign nationals involved in terrorism or serious crime while new powers will be created to protect the public from violent offenders who present a high risk of harm."
Press release ~ Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill ~ CJS Review: Rebalancing the criminal justice system in favour of the law-abiding majority  ~ Penal Policy - a background paper'
SGC: Consultation (closes on 2 November 2007) guidelines - Assault and other offences against the person, and Overarching principles: Assaults on children and Cruelty to a child - published by the Sentencing Guidelines Council recognise the considerable range of harm caused to victims of violent offences – See ‘Consultations’ above for more details.
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