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LR: New land registration rules were made on 17 July 2008 which amend the Land Registration Rules 2003 and come into force on 10 November 2008.  The Land Registration (Amendment) Rules 2008 aim, in particular, to reduce the administrative burden on customers and to reduce the risk of fraud.  Most of the new rules amend existing rules but some introduce new practice such as:
* the use of statements of truth as an alternative to statutory declarations
* the removal of additional documents from the general right of inspection.
All the forms prescribed by the Land Registration Rules 2003 will change.  However, it will be possible to use many of the old forms for a transitionary period of three months until 10 February 2009.  Most of Land Registry's practice guides will be amended as a result of the amendment rules.
Other statutory instruments also coming into force on 10 November 2008 make minor consequential amendments to the Commonhold (Land Registration) Rules 2004 and the Land Registration (Proper Office) Order 2007.
Press release ~ Land Registry ~ Amendments to Land Registration Rules 2003
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