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ScotGov:  Some of the money recovered from serious organised criminals is to be used to increase the size of the Civil Recovery Unit and the National Casework Division to help seize even more of the proceeds of crime. Around £400k is to be used in 2008/09 to recruit additional forensic accountants, investigators & lawyers.

In an additional move to ‘hurt criminals in the pocket’, the Scottish Government also intends to add a significant number of new offences indicating a criminal lifestyle to the Proceeds of Crime Act, including bribery & corruption, distribution of child & extreme pornography and breaches of the Private Security Act.
Press release ~ ScotGov - Justice ~ Civil Recovery Unit ~ Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 ~ Private Security Act ~ The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002: Report of the Appointed Person for Scotland 2006-2007
BERR: The publication of the 2005 analysis and the preliminary results for 2006 ‘shows that the UK has the most competitive markets for gas and electricity in the EU and G7’.  Business Secretary John Hutton hailed the report as evidence that the UK market was delivering for consumers and called for more open & transparent markets to be replicated throughout the rest of Europe.
The report, from the Oxford Economic Research Associates (OXERA), monitors the competitiveness of the energy market by assessing a range of factors.  These include the market shares in generation & supply, the separation of transmission from generation & supply and the availability of regulated third party access to gas & electricity transmission and distribution networks.
Press release ~ Competitiveness – BERR (including OXERA reports ~ EU Common Energy Policy - BERR
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