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ScotGov: Steps will be taken to strengthen legislation aimed at addressing problems with 'party flats' across Scotland. Part 7 of the Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 will be amended to make it easier for local authorities to issue Antisocial Behaviour notices to owners of party flats, and bring a case to court with the prospect of a successful verdict.
The Scottish Government will do this by introducing a Scottish Statutory Instrument (SSI), a form of secondary legislation. It is intended to introduce the SSI by the end of this Parliament.
Press release ~ Part 7 of the Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 (scroll down) ~ Current guidance for LAs
CLG: Local Government Minister, Grant Shapps, has outlined plans to give councils a new power to review and revoke outdated byelaws. This means that old local rules, like those about dickey straps in Hammersmith, fish frying in Gloucester and carpet beating in Blackpool will be a matter for these areas, rather than central government.
Under the current regime, councils would have to first contact the Secretary of State for Local Government for a stamp of approval before they can abolish outdated laws. Instead, under these new reforms councils would be required to consult with local residents based on an assessment of why a law should be created or cancelled - with no need to involve central Government at all.  The changes will apply to councils in England only.
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