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DCMS: Hundreds of live music venues will be exempt from licensing laws as part of the Live Music Act 2012 that came into force last week.  Live un-amplified music performed in any location, and live amplified music in on-licensed premises & workplaces for audiences of up to 200 people will no longer need a specific licence between 08:00 and 23:00hrs.
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MoJ48 flexible court pilots that will speed up cases and help modernise criminal justice services across England & Wales have been unveiled by Justice Minister Damian Green.  

Flexible courts will include:
* Courts to sit outside traditional working hours and on weekends
* Increased use of video-link technology including prison to court links where suspects can appear in court from prison and from police stations to the court for first hearings
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CLG: Councils would be given greater freedom to stop unauthorised traveller sites being set up and prevent long, drawn-out stalemates like Dale Farm, under proposals announced by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. They would allow councils greater freedom to choose when to use 'Temporary Stop Notices' in relation to caravans which are used as main residences and are in breach of planning control. 
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