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TUC: The TUC has welcomed the government's consultation on giving lesbian & gay partners the same right to civil marriage as heterosexual couples. A TUC briefing sets out what is in the consultation, the public & media reaction to the debate so far, the government's possible motivation in changing the law, and how trade unions & lesbian, gay, bi & transgender (LGBT) organisations may wish to respond to the questions in it.
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ScotGov: As the Scotland Bill nears the end of its parliamentary processes at both Westminster & Holyrood parliaments, the UK & Scottish Governments have been in negotiation over final amendments, Cabinet Secretary for Government Strategy Bruce Crawford said last week.
Having agreed a package of changes to the Bill, and undertakings on its implementation, both Governments will now recommend that their respective Parliaments support the Bill. However Mr Crawford said the Bill remained a missed opportunity to give Scotland the tools to stimulate the economy & create jobs.
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ScotGov: A new Bill has been published to ensure that devolved policies such as the provision of free school meals & blue badge parking will continue to operate in Scotland after changes are made to the UK benefit system.
The Welfare Reform (Further Provision) Bill, published recently, will ensure that the legislative framework which supports the provision of these ‘passported benefits’ will not be adversely affected by the Westminster Government’s changes.
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