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CC:  BAA's common ownership of seven airports in the UK may not be serving well the interests of either airlines or passengers, the Competition Commission (CC) has suggested in its interim report on its investigation into the market for the supply of airport services by BAA in the UK.
The report on its 'emerging thinking' sets out the CC's current view on competition in the relevant UK airports markets on the basis of the evidence to date, identifies areas where it is seeking further evidence and outlines its next steps.
No conclusions have been reached at this stage but the CC expects to publish its provisional findings in August and, if competition problems are identified, it intends to set out its possible remedies at the same time, whether requiring the sale of one or more of BAA's airports or otherwise.
Press release ~ Emerging thinking document ~ BAA
OFT:  The High Court has confirmed the Office of Fair Trading's view that personal current account unarranged overdraft charges can be assessed for fairness and the OFT are now analysing the implications of the judgment for their overall investigation into the fairness of the terms.  
There may need to be further hearings to determine any outstanding issues arising from the judgment.  The timetable for next steps will be decided by the court at a hearing before the end of May.
Press release ~ Judgement ~ FSA – Money Made Clear
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