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CLG: More strategic powers for the Mayor of London in key areas ranging from climate change to housing to culture have become law as the Greater London Authority (GLA) Act received Royal Assent recently. The Act gives the Mayor new lead roles in housing and tackling climate change, strengthened powers over planning & waste and enhanced powers in health & culture.
The Assembly will also be subject to a duty to address climate change and will be able to hold confirmation hearings in order to scrutinise candidates for key appointments the Mayor intends to make. The Act also allows the establishment of a London Waste and Recycling Board to promote the production of less waste in the capital and encourage recycling and re-use of waste.
The provisions in the Act will be brought into force in three stages between now and April 2008.  The detailed operational aspects of the Mayor's new development control powers will be set out in secondary legislation, and will be subject to public consultation before being finalised.
Press release ~ Greater London Authority (GLA) Act 2007 ~ Mayor of London ~ London Assembly ~ Further Education and Training Act 2007
ScotGov: The Graduate Endowment Bill has been published outlining the Scottish Government's plans to scrap the fee for around 50,000 students including those who have just graduated and those who have just started new courses.
Graduate Endowment Fee was introduced for Scottish domiciled students and EU students entering a Scottish university from 2001-02 and is a one off payment on successful completion of a higher education course of three years or more.
Press release ~ Graduate Endowment (Abolition) Bill ~ Abolition of the Graduate Endowment Fee - consultation analysis report ~ Smarter Scotland ~ Financial help for students ~ Student Award Agency for Scotland ~ ScotGov – Education and Training ~ Universities Scotland
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