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TS: A strategy to reform tribunals into a more efficient, independent and user-focused service has been published by the Tribunals Service (TS). 'Delivering the future: one system, one service' sets out the blueprint on how TS - an agency of the new Ministry of Justice - will use the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill currently before Parliament to move from a service administering 27 very different central government tribunals to one providing unified support to a radically simplified tribunal structure.

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal will remain as separate tribunals within TS, but the new structure will make it easier for judiciary and staff to work more flexibly across different tribunals under the leadership of a new Senior President of Tribunals.

The TS Strategy outlines plans to set up around 40 hearing centres in major towns & cities that can host a wide variety of tribunals. These will make more services available to the public at a single venue. These will be complemented by the hiring of venues in other locations when very local hearings are necessary.

Press release ~ 'Delivering the future: one system, one service' ~ Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill ~ White Paper 'Transforming public services: complaints, redress and tribunals' ~ Tribunals Service ~ Ministry of Justice ~ 27 central government tribunals and organisations

Scottish Executive: The Lord Justice Clerk, the Rt Hon Lord Gill, Chairman of the Civil Courts Review, has issued a call for information & evidence to assist the Review in its work. The 2-year Review will look at the provision of civil justice by the courts in Scotland, including their structure, jurisdiction, procedures and working methods, having particular regard to:

Press release ~ Civil Courts review

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