Policy Statements and Initiatives

DECC: The Government has set out how it will license the storage of carbon dioxide under the sea bed, following responses to its recent consultation on the geological storage of CO2. DECC will now lay the regulations in Parliament in order to comply with European rules on the underground storage of carbon dioxide and these will come into effect on 1 October 2010.
Press release ~ Recent consultation on the geological storage of CO2
CLG: Eric Pickles has ‘succeeded in his quest’ to ban the reams of forms, high costs & red tape getting in the way of communities organising street parties & summer fetes. From now on, instead of organisers being met with endless, confusing guidelines on food licences, road closures & insurance - councils can ask street party organisers to complete one simple form.
Previously, some small community groups were asked to apply for up to 5 separate licences and found it tricky to get upfront advice on what to do.  They also found out about hidden costs right at the last minute, causing delays or cancellations to community events.
Press release ~ Your guide to organising a street party or fete
Your Guide to Public Sector Payments 101