Policy Statements and Initiatives

Defra: Agriculture Minister, Jim Paice, has challenged farmers to live up to their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while speaking at the launch of the farming industry’s Greenhouse Gas Action Plan. The farming industry's progress will be reviewed in 2012 as part of a wider Government review of how different activities, including Government policy, affect agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.
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DWP: Disabled people will continue to be able to rely on a non-means tested cash benefit as Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is replaced with a new Personal Independence Payment.  The new benefit will continue to help disabled people live independent lives and will for the first time include regular reassessments to ensure that people are getting the right level of support when they need it most. These changes will come into force from 2013/14.
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DfE: Michael Gove has appointed 2 leaders in social mobility to manage the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) for disadvantaged children in the poorest performing schools. The Sutton Trust, the lead charity in a partnership with Impetus Trust, will run the fund over its 10 year lifespan.
The trusts will be responsible for making sure that grants go to a variety of different projects.  These projects will use bold & innovative methods to boost the attainment of disadvantaged pupils in underperforming schools.  Bids will be welcomed from a range of groups including teachers, charities, local authorities and academy sponsors.
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