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About WG-Plus

Wired-Gov Plus Newsletter

The Product
The WGPlus newsletter is designed to provide an overview of news from all the news providing organisations, plus news from non-regular sources, chosen by our editor for their topicality & general interest.  

It services the Wired-GOV community with:

* An ‘In the News’ section which is currently emailed out to readers (by their request) on a weekly basis.  This section covers what our editor believes are the more interesting / controversial / important news items from the past week’s press releases. 

The individual items include not only a link to the report / consultation / action plan / etc. being announced, but also further related links to provide additional background information on the topic.  This includes sometimes linking up with related press releases (past & current), which often provide a different viewpoint.

* A more comprehensive website version of the newsletter which helps ensure that the relevant link to a report / consultation / action plan / etc. mentioned in a press release actually has been provided and takes you directly to it.

* News & information on forthcoming conferences, exhibitions and events arranged for the public sector.

* News about private/public sector partnerships including product information from private sector solutions providers, informed commentary, case studies, etc. 

Editorial Timeframe
Generally the items covered in each newsletter will have been announced during the Monday to Sunday period prior to its currently proposed Tuesday publication date. 

If often happens that a report / consultation document, etc. is not published on the web at the ’time of its announcement’, hence the retrospective nature of the newsletter.  If ’at time of going to press’ a relevant document has still not been published, it will be covered in the next newsletter.


Editorial Content
The format & content of the newsletter reflects the editorial team’s need to both precis & re-format the content of news releases. For the official view of a source organisation, readers should click on the press release that is attached to each item.

WGPlus is not responsible for the content of external websites for which links are published.

The Audience
WGPlus is delivered free to the Wired-GOV subscriber community. Subscription to WGPlus is generated via an opt-in tick box during the Wired-GOV registration process to ensure the WGPlus is delivered on 100% requested basis. 

Launched in 2001, Wired-GOV is now the foremost point of reference for official UK government news and announcements, broadcasting from and on behalf of 120+ government departments & agencies, plus sourcing news from Third Sector and related organisations. 


 Our status as an established trusted third party channel leads to daily increase in subscriptions and continued growth of our readership across central government, the wider public sector, media and professional markets.

In an age of ’information overload’ Wired-GOV’s success has been built on delivering personally filtered news alerts from the most comprehensive source available.

WGPlus builds on this success, adding value by not only highlighting current issues and requirements for action, but also providing a steady flow of the background information essential to decision makers across all sectors.


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