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Authenticate for Public Sector - Enabling Authentication of a Citizen’s Identity in Real-Time

Experian  If ‘Digital by Default Government’ is to be achieved, it is vital that those  involved in the processing of applications are able to efficiently and effectively confirm personal identity, establish residence at a valid address and confirm eligibility. Authenticate for Public Sector has been designed to meet the specific identity authentication needs of public sector organisations.

Authenticate from Experian
Authenticate is an electronic personal identity authentication solution that enables public sector organisations to authenticate a citizen’s identity in real-time, irrespective of the channel of interaction. This includes face-to-face, telephone or Internet contacts.

Already in use across central and local government, as well as the private sector, it provides a level of confidence in the authenticity of an individual’s identity by checking their details against a broad range of data sources held by Experian. In essence, it establishes the existence of a real world identity and verifies that the confirmed identity is the subject of the transaction or enquiry.
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Date Posted
12/07/2013 10:39

Industry News

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