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Agile and the Best Management Practice Framework within the Public Sector

Best Management Practice

Within the world of method frameworks it is very easy to get attached to one specific framework and become a ‘fundamentalist’ on that single method.

Method fundamentalism causes people to focus on why their method framework is right and all others are wrong, rather than on how integrated method frameworks can enable excellent delivery (which is the whole point of having them). Most method frameworks have something to offer and, once inspected and adapted, they can normally coexist.

This White Paper discusses the implementation of Agile frameworks within organizations where the complexity of the delivery and management environment means that inspecting and adapting guidance from the UK government’s Best Management Practice frameworks is recommended.

What is Agile? There are a number of Agile frameworks that in essence aim to deliver fit-for-purpose products and outcomes on time and cost (or in best time and cost) in complex environments that are constantly changing.

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Date Posted
19/11/2013 12:04

Industry News

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