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Ski Team Sponsorship
(177K)Our regular readers will be aware that Wired-GOV recently sponsored the alpine ski racing team from 105th Regiment Royal Artillery, the Scottish and Ulster Gunners in support of their participation in the recent Royal Artillery Championships 2014, held in Alpe d'Huez, France.

Click here to read the full report on how the team performed including all individual race results and final standings.
Too important to be left to the 'Bean Counters'

The capabilities of HM Forces should be determined not by budgetary constraints but by a fully-developed strategy which defines the position in the world that the UK wants to adopt, says the Defence Committee in its first in a series of reports intended to inform the next Defence and Security Review.

The Committee is concerned that there is a danger of defence becoming a matter of discretionary spending. Decisions about the expeditionary capability that the UK retains must be based on proper strategic decision making about the UK's place in the world and not simply flow from the "horse-trading" that surrounds the CSR process.

The Committee has very real concerns about the focus that will be given to the number of asymmetric security threats to the UK, such as from terrorism or cyber attack. The Government must think more strategically about the resilience of the country's critical infrastructure and recovery following an attack.
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Looking outside the box for better / more cost effective ways of doing things

A new fund has been launched to 'help local authorities transform their services through the use of new delivery models such as mutuals and voluntary organisations'. Delivering Differently is a joint programme that will use a £1m fund to support 10 pioneering local authorities to develop & implement new models for delivering some of their services. To participate local authorities must complete an expression of interest form by 10 February 2014.

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It is no longer a question of 'when & if' people use their electronic devices at work, they already are

A survey before Christmas showed that 60% of the UK population now own a smart phone and 20% a tablet, and an increasing number want to use their personal devices at work.

Known as 'bring your own device' (BYOD), this trend has many benefits including increased efficiency, flexibility & employee morale. But it also carries a number of risks organisations must consider when allowing employees' devices to be used to process work-related personal information.

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A 'No' vote is based on facts already 90% 'known', while the same cannot be said for Scotland's Future as so much has to be negotiated

Deputy FM Nicola Sturgeon has marked the start of 2014, the year in which Scotland will decide its future in a referendum on independence, with a keynote speech at St Andrews University. In her speech, the DFM also set out a series of detailed questions to be answered by opponents of independence who need, she said, to publish their alternative to Scotland's Future.

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They may look 'cuddly' but there are real hidden dangers

Pregnant women should avoid close contact with animals that are giving birth according to Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns.

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Despite 'slipping down the educational ranking' we are still in the 'premier league for Science'
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New Year, new funding opportunities for museums

A 10-week window for the submission of applications has opened, with the guidance becoming available and the application portal opening on 7 January. Applications close at 2pm on 17 March 2014.

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Global registration from the UK

The FCO plans to centralise in the UK its overseas consular Birth & Death registration service by the end of 2014.

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Protection for your savings

Did you know that all UK banks and building societies have to write to their customers about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme? The regulator requires them to do so twice a year. Right now many bank customers are receiving this notice. It is a standard disclosure to tell you more about the protection you have from FSCS.

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Revenue and Customs Brief 40/13
This brief publicises the withdrawal of notice 915 (Assessments and time limits: Statement of Practice) and notice 208 (Excise Assessments). Both notices were withdrawn on 22 November 2013.

Revenue and Customs Brief 38/13
This Brief confirms changes to the Arrivals Exemption and Delivery Terms thresholds that apply from 1 January 2104.

Revenue & Customs Brief 37/13
This Brief provides guidance on the application of the flagging rules for tonnage tax in 2014.

Revenue & Customs Brief 36/13
This Brief confirms the continuation of VAT reverse charge for mobile phones, computer chips and emissions allowances

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