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Council Implements Major GCloud Programme Following Channel Shift Success


Like many authorities, Aylesbury Vale Council has initiated a major channel shift programme with an objective to move those who are able towards internet based self-service and telephony services, freeing up staff time for those who need it.
The channel shift programme was seen as an opportunity to deliver cost-effective services for all Council customers and then downsize customer facing services and reduce referrals to the back office with a philosophy of “Fix First Time.”
In July 2012, a single Customer Portal was created to initially enable customers to order and pay for garden waste bins online, with ambitious targets of 30% take up, 7000 registrants and £250,000 in new revenue by March 2013. These initial targets have been far exceeded with £360,000 generated revenue from over 10,000 registrations.
This inaugural proof of concept success around a traditionally high-cost and time-consuming process has enabled AVDC to implement further channel shift programmes, procured through G-Cloud, on high volume contact services such as Licensing and Council Tax.

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