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A matter of concern for most people (eventually)

With millions of people in England living with more than one chronic health condition & hundreds of thousands more set to develop multiple problems in the future, new NICE guidance has been released to ensure care remains safe & of a high quality.  It focuses on the group of people most likely to be living with more than one long-term condition – older people.   It says health & social care services should work more closely together to deliver effective services and improve quality of life for those they look after.

NICE calls for care to be integrated so that better, more person-centre care can be provided for the growing number of older people with social care needs & multiple long-term conditions.  The best outcomes for older people are improved quality of life, and increased independence, choice, dignity & control. These can be achieved through coordinated care that is person-centred.

However recent reports suggest that care is often fragmented & hard to access, and that some people are being treated as a collection of conditions or symptoms rather than as a whole person.  To help tackle these issues NICE’s new guideline provides services with a framework for acting more effectively so that they can offer appropriate care to those who most need it.

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