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An alternative option for the Chancellor to ‘think about’?

The government should replace tax credits, Jobseeker’s Allowance, the Universal Credit, and most other major welfare payments with a single Negative Income Tax (NIT), according to a new report (Free Market Welfare: The case for a Negative Income Tax) from the Adam Smith Institute.  This NIT would act as a minimum income guarantee for all British citizens and be tapered away as people’s earnings rise through work.

Britain’s existing welfare programmes are ‘costly to administer, complicated to navigate, & designed for a postwar-style labour market that no longer exists’, and the paper argues abolishing the existing system would save the DWP up to £6bn in administrative costs.   The payment scheme is structured so that the claimant is always better off working more hours or taking higher wages than in their current position. These payments would be automatic for workers within the PAYE system.
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