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An example of why the NHS has to continually ‘invest’ in research / pilot schemes

An estimated 8,000 stroke patients a year are set to benefit from an advanced emergency treatment which can significantly decrease the risk of long-term disability and also save £ms in long term health & social care costs.

NHS England has announced that it will commission mechanical thrombectomy so it can become more widely available for patients who have certain types of  acute ischaemic stroke – a severe form of the condition where a blood vessel to the brain becomes blocked, often leading to long-term disability.  If used within the first 6 hours of symptoms beginning to show – alongside other specialist medical treatment & care – the procedure has been shown in clinical trials to significantly improve survival & quality of life by restoring blood flow and therefore limiting brain damage.

Work by NHS England is now underway to assess the readiness of each of the 24 neuroscience centres across the country which are set to introduce the service.  It is expected the treatment will start to be phased in later in this year with an estimated 1,000 patients set to benefit across the first year of introduction. NHS England will work with Health Education England and trusts to build on the expertise that is currently available in these specialised centres, developing the workforce and systems to enable an estimated 8,000 to receive this treatment in coming years.

Stroke is a devastating disease for patients and their families, and is estimated to cost the NHS around £3bn per year, with additional cost to the economy of a further £4bn in lost productivity, disability & informal care.
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