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An obvious diagnosis; underfunded CCGs are more likely to be in financial deficit

The slow progress towards target funding allocations for health means the Government has not fulfilled its policy objective of equal access for equal need.  The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts, said:

"One of the Government’s key policy objectives in allocating health funding is equal access for equal need.  Yet we found huge variations in funding for CCGs – from £137 per person below their fair share of available funding in Corby to £361 per person above their fair share in West London.

Around two-fifths of CCGs and three-quarters of local authorities are receiving more than 5% above or below their target funding allocation.

This has important implications for the financial sustainability of the health service as underfunded CCGs are more likely to be in financial deficit.  Of the 20 CCGs with the tightest financial positions at 31 March 2014, 19 had received less than their fair share of funding”.

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