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Are there other & better alternatives than just ‘Bring back Grammar Schools’?

The UK’s poor track record of social mobility means that people’s life chances are too dependent on their parents’ income, rather than their own education & ability, says the TUC as it publishes a new report on social mobility (Dismantling the Barriers to Social Mobility).  It warns that the UK has the joint highest level of earnings persistence – the extent to which people’s incomes are associated with those of their parents – amongst advanced economies, along with Italy.

The report analyses the UK’s track record on 7 key factors influencing social mobility and compares its performance to that of other advanced economies.  It highlights 4 factors – income inequality, childhood poverty, full-time women’s employment and the link between family background & educational performance – where the UK lags behind most other advanced economies and suggests that political parties should prioritise these issues in order to make genuine inroads into encouraging greater social mobility.

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