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Blog posted by: Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner, May 25, 2017

I remember hearing my predecessor talk about a Chinese saying “may you live in interesting times”.  I think it’s fair to say we’re living in them!

My term in office is five years, and it’s abundantly clear to me as the first year draws to a close, ‘interesting times’ will be a recurring theme of my term. GDPR, Brexit, and whatever follows those two.  Add to that a general election too.

But while the exact form of the legislation may vary the route, the direction of travel for privacy and data rights is still the same.  Consumers aren’t concerned about the details of the GDPR, or what legislation might follow it. They’re asking questions such as: “Is my data properly protected?  Who’s holding organisations to account? What privacy rights do I have?”

As a regulator, the ICO needs to continue to be relevant: listening to consumer & citizen concerns and providing an answer to their questions.  These interesting times are a powerful opportunity to demonstrate our relevance by having a positive and direct impact on public trust.

And that’s what our NEW Information Rights Strategic Plan, is all about. It’s not about paperwork, or policies, or procedures.  It’s about how we make the work we do in Wilmslow, in London, in Belfast, in Edinburgh and in Cardiff, make a difference to the trust people have in what happens to their personal data.
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