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Bristol City Council Collaborates to Improve Front-Line Services and Citizen Access Bristol City Council “Collaborates” to Improve Front-Line Services and Citizen Access 

In response to cuts in central government funding, Bristol City Council recently embarked on a major transformation programme in a bid to shave £70 million from its annual operating budget and simultaneously deliver more services.

Despite severe funding restrictions, Bristol CC was able to implement a unified document management and collaboration platform to overhaul its electronic document and records management systems, enabling the delivery of efficiency improvements in a variety of Council services.

Key benefits of the implementation include:

  • Elimination of the majority of paper-based processes
  • Provision of easier secure data sharing within the Council and with external organisations
  • Innovative new workforce practices — including mobile working with remote workforce scheduling and digital reporting
  • A fully scalable solution — with up to 7000 employees able to collaborate in an instant!​

Click here to access the full Bristol CC case study and discover more.

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